Free shipping in the netherlands


Ripped, stained, too small, too big, not the right fit or not the right color (anymore). These are all reasons why you might want to say goodbye to your denim. I am more than happy to take your preloved denim!!! 

How do I send my denim? 📦

Step 1Package up your denim (PS: no need to wash them before you send them. I will wash them once I receive them. Let's save some water by not washing twice!)

Step 2. Ship out your denim! 

Don't have a printer at home? No problem, you can pay online, receive a barcode, and show that barcode at your parcel shop and they will print the label for you and ship your package!

For DHL lovers: click here  (at delivery option, feel free to use the DHL servicepoint option instead of home delivery to save some costs)

For Post NL lovers: click here

Your old denim's destination: 
Krommesteeg 1G. 1441BK Purmerend, Nederland


Getting confused and want me to create the shipping label for you?
Click here for packages that are max 38 x 26,5 x 3,2 cm and 2 kg. 
Click here for packages that are max 100 x 50 x 50 cm.
After purchasing the label I will send the barcode to your e mail.
Right now donations are only possible in the Netherlands 🇳🇱