Hi I'm Bibi-Jane, the person behind Bibi and Jean. You can guess where I got my inspiration from when I was coming up with a name for brand haha. 

I learned how to sew thanks to my mom and lots of Youtube. I never went to fashion school. I actually studied forensics. Yes, like crime scene investigation. That's where I got my eye for detail🕵️  When it came to sewing it always felt right to use secondhand fabric. Whether it was fabric from the thrift stores, or old clothes I had or that friends passed on to me. 

This is also the time I started doing more research about secondhand clothing & the waste the fashion industry is creating. Where did all these clothes come from? And where would they end up if they wouldn't get sold? Well uhm.. the amount of textile waste that ends up at landfills  each year is equivalent to a rubbish truck full of clothes dumping everything every second. 

With what I do at Bibi and Jean, I hope to give more items a second life, instead of them ending up at landfill sites.