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Bag made out of jeans.

This jean bag has crossed fly and a handy pocket on the inside. 

Measurements of this bag:
49 x 27 cm (length x height)
59 cm (height including straps)


SHIPPING OF THIS BAG MAY BE DELAYED. Due to the fact that we have not received our initial shipping mailers, it might take longer for you to receive this bag. 


This bag is made out of a jean with a special story.

"My mom was visiting and I told her i needed jeans so we went shopping. I really dreaded going, I don't like shopping for jeans cause its usually really hard to find something that fits right and at most stores even the biggest size doesn't fit properly. I had avoided shopping for jeans for more than a year so i didn't really know where to go. We ended up at Monki and i was super surprised at all the different types of jeans they had, all different types of fits and the sizes seemed to run bigger than other stores, so for the first time in a long time I didn't feel terrible about looking for jeans. Ever since my mom bought those jeans i haven't looked back. i recently got a new pair, exactly the same as the ones my mom got me, just because that fit makes me feel really confident!"  -Anonymous

This jeans was donated due to a rip in thighs. Also have jeans to donate? Learn more here